Abianda is delighted to announce that we have been awarded funding from Samworth Foundation’s Young Voices fund to grow our participatory work with young women.

This fund is for organisations who place young people at the centre of their design, decision-making and model of delivery to influence and effect change in the prevention of Sexual Exploitation.

We applied for funding to grow our successful Train the Trainer programme, which was kindly funded by Help for Children over 2018-19.

About the project

Young women affected by gangs and county lines navigate normalised sexual violence, exploitation and abuse, in circumstances where they have “lost the right to say no” (Becket, 2013). Our work will address the system-wide changes needed to address these risks, the full extent of which are not yet understood.

Thanks to kind funding from Samworth Foundation, we will do this through four strands of work, each of which will:

  • contribute to greater awareness of CSE in the context of gangs and county lines;
  • and bring about a culture shift through growing professionals’ knowledge and understanding of CSE in the context of gangs and county lines and what works when delivering a service response.

We will:

  • Continue to deliver our established and highly reputable Young Trainer programme over three years;
  • Deliver a conference organised by young women on the root causes and effects of sexual exploitation in relation to gangs and county line activity in 2021;
  • Deliver Abianda’s Business Advisory Group (YWBAG) on a quarterly basis;
  • Establish a full-time post from 2019 to 2022 to oversee this work.

What we hope to achieve

Through these activities we will continue our ongoing work with 10 London-based young women; grow our Young Trainer cohort by an additional 10 London-based young women from 2020; over three years reach an estimated 1200 professionals across the country through Abianda’s training activities, co-facilitated by young women; reach 100+ professionals through the conference; and reach additional young women and professionals through the young women’s own projects and or/campaigns to prevent CSE in gangs and CCE.


We are recruiting for a Young Women’s Associate – Participation Worker to lead on this project – for more details please follow this link.

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