Rescue and Response is a three-year MOPAC funded project which will support young Londoners affected by county lines activity.

Abianda is delighted to be part of a consortium working with vulnerable children and young people affected by county lines across London, significantly growing our services across the capital.

The consortium that has designed the programme and successfully secured funding from MOPAC for three years is made up of colleagues from Lewisham, Tower Hamlets, Brent, and Islington, Abianda, St Giles Trust and Safer London.

Referral Process and Criteria

Individuals must be London based and aged up to 25, and fulfil one or more of the following criteria:

  • Known, or suspected, involvement in county line activity
  • Known, or suspected, association with others who are involved in county line activity or being coerced and controlled
  • Known, or suspected, experiences of CSE, Sexual violence and/or coercion, control or victimisation in the context of county line and/or gang activity
  • Missing episodes suspected to be linked to any of the above

All referrals submitted via an online platform which can be reached by clicking on this link.

Further details from Rescue and Response’s Operations Manager, Megan Hatton

Nearly a third of ‘County Lines’ originate in London, making London a major exporter of this high harm model of drug distribution. County Lines drives gang related violent crime, criminal exploitation of children and exploitation of vulnerable adults in London and beyond.

MOPAC recognises London’s leading role in tackling County Lines exploitation, and through London Crime Prevention Funding, is supporting the Rescue & Response partnership with an investment of £3million over 3 years to put in place a comprehensive programme of work to better understand it, target it and respond to it.

The Rescue and Response programme will provide:

  • 1:1 support for young people exploited from London
  • Specialist support for young women
  • Help manage risk and safeguarding
  • Support to move away from criminal exploitation
  • Family support
  • Help build network analysis through pan London intel gathering
  • An out of hour’s phone number for professionals operated by St Giles Trust

The Rescue and Response partnership consists of the following:

  • Operations Manager
  • 4x Partnership Coordinators
  • 4x Analysts
  • St Giles Trust – supporting young men referred to the programme
  • Abianda – supporting young women referred to the programme
  • Safer London – supporting those referred who are impacted or affected by gangs

Megan can be reached at for more information and to discuss potential referrals.

The Rescue and Response duty number – Monday to Friday 9-5 – is 020 8937 5765.

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