Some good news! The fabulous yoga group The Dead Yogis Society held a fundraising evening for Abianda in February, and have kindly given us a donation of over £2000!

This is enough to pay for seven one-to-one sessions for young women and girls affected by gangs and county lines. We are thrilled and so grateful for this surprise donation.

A special thank you to Alex Wright, CEO of We Are Friday, who made this happen. Alex and his team also very kindly let us use their fabulous offices for our Board meetings for free, for which we are also hugely grateful.

If you’d like to find out more about The Dead Yogis Society, or join one of their fundraising yoga evenings, please have a look at their Eventbrite page.

Their next event is on 25th April, in aid of The Prison Pheonix Trust, which offers Yoga classes in prisons – tickets will be available soon!

Thank you again – such good news for our organisation.

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